Fraleighs recommends an application of Holly-Tone fertilizer twice annually to maintain and enhance your gardens and landscapes. Halloween and April Fool’s Day are the approximate dates we set to help folks to remember to feed their plants. Holly-Tone is a great organic, low-analysis (4-3-4), acidifying fertilizer well suited to our alkaline soil types. The Holly-Tone formulation also contains beneficial organisms — helper microbes — that complement and enhance healthy root systems. Perennials, shrubs, ornamental grasses, evergreens, and trees can all benefit from a twice-annual application. Stop by or call today — we are glad to help you calculate how much you need, explain the simple application process, or arrange for our crews to make the application for you.

Beginning in 2012, Espoma tweaked the formulation of Holly-Tone. The product is now an even better soil acidifier with 5% instead of 2% Sulfur. That’s great for most of us contending with high soil pH. Most ornamental plants prefer a neutral-to-moderately-acidic soil, and Holly-Tone is now an even better way to mildly acidify gardens. Likewise, their new production method is providing a more ‘crumbly’ texture to their fertilizer, and this means less dust and hence a little less of Holly-Tone’s characteristic organic ‘aroma’.

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