Garden Nursery in Dexter, MI

Fraleighs Landscape Nursery is situated on 28 acres in rural Lima Township, Washtenaw County. We are fortunate to have a variety of land here, ranging from wooded frontage on Mill Creek to a seasonal wetland, to arable fields suitable for our nursery and growing fields. Roughly nine acres (including our growing fields) are involved in nursery cultivation. Our garden center has potted trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses, and perennials all ready for sale, as well as larger in-ground trees suitable for spade-move. Our retail staff can usually be found in the red sales office, or puttering about in the nursery stock.

About Our Plants

All the plants that Fraleighs sell are carefully selected to be well suited for our area, and of the best quality and value available.
Fraleighs makes it a priority to source plants from local and Michigan growers whenever possible. Many of the potted shrubs we sell are actually grown here within Washtenaw County!
We do stock unusual items for your landscape design, but we really love selling plants that are reliable and functional, but never boring. Even our Boxwood (and we do sell a lot of boxwood) have a great stories behind them.
Likewise, we do try out new and exciting plants every year. But to be worthwhile, a new plant has to prove itself reliable as well as possess distinctive traits that make us say ‘wow’.

About Our Staff

You can rest assured that when you visit our nursery, you will get expert help from our small but dedicated staff. Most days the nursery is staffed by members of the sales team. On busy weekends, you may also bump into members of our design staff, or other qualified Michigan Master Gardeners we’ve hired. We are a small staff, but we strive to field all questions and satisfy as many customers as we possibly can. The nursery staff is available to help in person at the nursery, by phone, voicemail, and e-mail, so contact us today!